*Creative Movement through YogaKreative Bewegung durch Yoga:

 By integrating yoga principles and sequences (Asanas) and with the help of dance improvisation, this course creates space for the expression of one self’s through the body. The goal is a better organization of the body, consequently a stronger presence in your everyday life. Not by imitation but through self-exploration and awareness of its own skills and difficulties. It is a practice for all kind of people interested in movement as a way of consciousness, developing its own creativity in motion.

Every Thursday at:

Haus der Kulturen Lateinamerikas e.V. Casa de las Culturas Latinoamericanas

Am Südhaus 2, Neukölln Berlin

from 11:00-12:15

30€ per Month

*Yoga, Consciousness through Movement

In the class “Yoga / Consciousness through movement” we work with elements of Hatha and Ashtanga Yoga – through different asanas (postures) and pranayama (breathing exercises) the balance between body and soul is promoted. The combination of different yoga routines and the perception of our physicality creates awareness of the current state of our being and develops the expression our own body. The goal is a better organization and presence, which develops confidence in one’s own movement and creativity.

Every Thursday, open level at:


Schröederstr. 4, Mitte

18:00-19:15 (auf Deutsch)

19:30-20:45 (in English)

40€ per Month

*Teaching Training Recommendation in Berlin / Yoga Ausbildung

One of the best teachers I know in Berlin, Wiebcke Mohme: