AUSENCIA (Die Abwesenden)

15/02/2018, Comentarios desactivados en AUSENCIA (Die Abwesenden) AUSENCIA is a piece premiered in K3/Zentrum für Choreographie Hamburg


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Plataforma para la Consciencia y las Artes Escénicas / Plat-forming Awareness, PeRforming Arts P_A_R_A_R / Arte Inmersivo, funciona como punto de encuentro entre distintas iniciativas artísticas a favor de la inclusión. Nuestro interés, en medio del acto escénico/performático es buscar una confrontación y desafío con y entre el público. Continuamente desarrollamos nuevas configuraciones escénicas para…

Desierto de Sillas

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Premier: 22 October 2010, Experimental Theater, Guadalajara, Mexico Europe premier: 8 August 2014, Sånafestivalen, Hølen, Norway.   From immensity, from nothing, from the desert or the empty, a character irrupts. She walks and sees. Warm lights in the hands of “an other” constructs her. The sound of a sandstorm. She coexists amongst imagery, throughout the chairs and…


21/12/2016, Comentarios desactivados en in/the/back/no/words/hearing World premiere: 29 October 2013, Uferstudios, Berlin, Germany Mexico premiere: 24,25 and 26 Februar 2017, Foro Eco, Morelia, Mexico. World of silent, displaced nature. Artificial aesthetic and order. If life has an original essence, how to return to it? The art work in/the/back/no/words/hearing is a dance/installation piece made for contemplative states. It questions the possibility...


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World Premier: 23 June 2014, Uferstudios, Berlin, Germany The daily battle against the gray. The grey that conceals without emotions, the color that leaves us dumb, dull and baffled. Slowly turn back, walk backwards and maybe the world will become aware of the daily fight against the gray.   Choreography: Karina Suárez Bosche Performers: Daniela…